Jack Moore's Narrative

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All the other band members kept telling me to play louder, but the jug is not a loud instrument. Putting more energy into the airstream increases sound volume to some extent, but the jug as a resonating chamber is not designed for projection. Danny had an old green vinyl covered 12" speaker box. We put a Radio Shack 12 volt public address amp in it with a motorcycle battery. I stuffed a one-gallon kerosene can with foam to deaden the metallic ring, and put a microphone pickup in the spout - voila! Amplified jug. Of course the speaker box weighed about 35 lbs and wasn't portable for very far, but the jug was definitely louder.

It was all a lot of fun - jugband jookin' - bofus hokum. Most of our repertoire was classic jugband. Danny eschewed Kweskin, but the Kweskin band had covered so many of the roots songs that it was hard to stay out of their ruts. We did a great Stealin' …also Ballad of Amelia Earhart, and Little Deuce Coupe. We covered John Clay's Harley Hog, and had original topical songs like Travis Raven and Mekong Delta Blues. Angel Band was a favorite of Jan's, and Riley Puckett's Watermelons Hangin' on the Vine was a crowd-pleaser. We drank a good amount of beer, which energized things and made us sound better, to our own ears at least.

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