Jack Moore's Narrative

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On Tuesday morning, there was a gaggle of guys with various instruments. The washtub guy, Bob Tom Reed, turned out to be the clarinet player. The fellow playing fiddle, Rick Speed, I'd known incidentally about 10 years previously. All the rest were strangers.

I don't remember much about the audition - we never played there, so we must not have impressed anybody. But after the audition, we were standing outside, still ready to make some noise, and someone suggested that we walk down the street (known as "the Drag") and play music in front of the University Co-op, where the sidewalk was wide and there was a lot of pedestrian traffic. We did and soon had a crowd. We had fun doing jug band standards and some off-the-wall stuff. It was the real jug band tradition - playing on the street for spare change - busking - having a good time. Everyone agreed that we should do it again, so we settled on Saturday afternoon at 1:00. If it was at least 60 degrees, we would play…which we did for the next few years.

The makeup of the band in that incarnation was Danny Barton (vocals and rhythm guitar - the guy with the songlist), Jan Dietrich Barton (washboard), Galen Barber (vocals and 'zonk'), Bob Tom Reed (clarinet), Marty McDermott (accordion), Bill Reed (flute), Rick Speed (fiddle), Jim Curry (banjo), and me on jug. As time passed, there would be other personnel involved: Tommy Peebles (trombone), Caroline White (vocals and guitar), Tommy Monahans (cymbal and snare), Greg Raskin (mandolin).

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