Jack Moore's Narrative

Page 2

I later returned to Austin for post-graduate work in Radio-TV-Film. I heard about a jug band playing at Bonnie's BBQ, so I went out and sat in with them one night. I found them to be unpleasant people and not into the goodtime spirit of jugband music, so I never went back.

In the meantime, I played jug now and then with friends, mainly Caroline White, Charlie Sauer and Jerry Barnett.

Sally Nicolau opened a little restaurant (called Sally's) on rapidly developing East 6th St. in 1975. There was a party there one night, and some folks started jamming. A fellow that I vaguely knew was playing a washtub bass, so I got an empty wine jug and joined in. Later on in the evening, the washtub player asked me if I wanted to be in a jug band. I said sure, and he told me the band was auditioning at the Hole in the Wall on Guadalupe St. the following Tuesday morning at 10:00.

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